Guitar Repair, Service and Set ups in Stockport, Manchester.

With over thirty years working as a musician and supporting other musicians I understand a guitar isn’t a piece of wood with a few strings. A guitar, or any instrument is far more than it’s parts, and to you, it’s owner it means even more, I know because I am a musician too.

I hope to be more than the guy that fixes things, or the guy that taught you to play, I hope I can be the guy you come to, for help, for advice or for me to be the guy that fixes things!

I offer a free, no obligation consultation before every job, I will chat to you about what needs to be done and what you hope the result will be, I may even ask you to play before I can tell you my plan. I don’t think an instrument can be set up from a book, I don’t think there is the “right” way for any particular guitar, bass, banjo or ukulele only the best way for you and your instrument, like a key and a lock no two should be exactly the same.

I pay the same attention to every enquiry, every service and every repair. I aim to get you the best and most cost effective solution to meet your needs. As well as offering setups of guitars, bass, banjos, ukuleles and other instruments, all of course tailored to you I also offer advice and setup service for PA systems which are often as important as the instruments and musicians themselves.

I offer a huge range of services to musicians, from teaching guitar to fixing a violin.

I will be updating my website to cover as many of my services as possible but if at the moment you can’t find the service you are after drop me a line, Or give me a call, I might just be able to help.


tel 07840 105 479

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