Banjo Repairs in Stockport, Manchester

Banjo repairs in Stockport, Manchester

Banjos are quite unique for setups. They need a different approach to that of a Guitar setup. The tuning pegs are friction rather than geared on older or cheaper banjos. They tend to wear and need constant tightening especially on the 5th string peg. The action needs adjusting with either one or two rods situated behind the head.

The heads themselves can be synthetic like a drum head, vellum (real animal skin), or a synthetic head made to sound and look more like a real vellum.

Vellums I think sound better but the need more care to look after them. They are also more prone to be affected by temperature and humidity changes. Tightening of the vellum should only be done by adjusting the bracket opposite to the one you have just done. This keeps the tension even across the whole skin. Uneven tension will cause the skin to tear over time.

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