Bass Guitar Repairs in Stockport, Manchester

SJL instrument repair, Guitar Repairs and Set-ups in Stockport, Manchester have been serving the musicians of Manchester for three decades.  As guitar players ourselves we understand what musicians need from their instruments.

We undertake all guitar repairs you can imagine, often bringing guitars back to life after their owners had long given up on them.

Even brand new guitars can benefit from a tweak or two. Most guitars are set up so after shipping and all the temperature changes they encounter on their journey to this country, in boats, on the docks etc.  the manufacturers do not want them to buzz or fret out. So the “action” is quite often set too high.

Guitars are usually made of wood and wood will move with changes in temperature and humidity. It is not a perfect world nor is it an exact science.

Another problem that crops up on regularly is people who have been told “my guitar neck is twisted”. Not so, in 99 percent of the cases I have seen it has been a case of to much (or not enough) relief in the neck. A guitar string will vibrate more at the 12th fret, in the middle of it’s length. So you need some relief or curve in the neck to give the strings room to move.

There is also a lot of musicians who think that their guitar needs a re fret. Most instruments will only need a fret dress. As I said earlier even new guitars sometimes need their frets dressed to get them to play well.

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