Emergency Instrument Repairs in Stockport, Manchester

Emergency Instrument Repairs in Stockport, Manchester.

At SJL Instrument Repairs we are offering a Emergency repair service to musicians or even non musicians. Imagine you have a gig on Sunday night, You get your guitar out for a quick thrash around and you turn up the volume and the pot turns round pulling off the wires inside. God it’s Sunday at 5 o’clock, what can I do now!! Don’t worry Steve is here. Just give me a call and I will do my best to meet you at the workshop and fix things for you. AT NO EXTRA COST just standard rates. Unless of course I am sunning myself on the beach in Malta then I might have to charge you a little more. (Chartering a private jet is expensive and NOT in with the price)

We are also trying to do repairs “While you Wait” We have a waiting area with toilet and drinks facility (kettle) as soon as my water is re connected (the previous occupant disconnected it) Sorry I cannot allow customers into the workshop for insurance reasons. Obviously if we have to get parts or it’s a big job, then I won’t be able to do the repair while you wait. But Set Ups, Re strings, small wiring jobs Nut lowering etc. etc. etc. should all be able to be done “While You Wait” It help us as well because we do not have to store your instrument. It helps you because you don’t have to be without your precious instrument for days or as we have heard weeks and you only have to make one trip.

tel 07840 105 479
email service@instrument-repair-manchester.co.uk