Epiphone Les Paul Standard

This Epiphone Les Paul Standard was bought into my Stockport workshop yesterday to have the “Action” lowered. The customer bought it three weeks ago from a on line shop, o.k. it was only £260 but there was no mention of the faults with the frets. Also frets 11 and 8 were too high and needed tapping in on the treble side of the neck.

The tone pot for the neck pick up had not been tightened and could have spun around and pulled the wires off. Also two machine heads nuts had not been tightened.

The truss rod had not been adjusted and was loose, This caused the neck to have far too much forward “Bow”. My worry is that in the future due to bringing the neck back to the correct position the fretboard will be under less tension and could cause the frets to become loose…



Take a good look at how high the action is at the 12th fret






Better now





The neck radius is approximately 20 inches





The fret radius is approximately 14 inches

they should be the same.




Just look at the frets, see how high they are in the middle.



This is a brand new guitar from a well known manufacturer. These frets, I suspect were pressed in using the wrong radius Caul. There is no excuse for this. The makers have missed this and so have the retailers. Perhaps they did not have time to check it before sending it out. Or maybe they though such a good manufacturer could not supply a faulty guitar. Or maybe they don’t c???.