Free Guitar Health Check

Sadly more and more I see instruments people have bought (both new and second hand) are far from playable. Recently I have heard about a major instrument retailer who are not going to be checking and setting up any of the instruments they sell. This is no more than a badly thought out cost cutting policy. This is not good especially for beginners who will naturally assume that a new instrument is ready to play. This could make them give up. They may feel that they are at fault and not the instrument.

A couple of weeks ago a very nice customer brought in a brand new Gibson to me. He had just paid nearly £2,000 and he felt is was too hard to play. Returning the guitar to the shop he was told by a young shop assistant “That is how they are supposed to be” Talking to other more experienced plays he was told the guitar was not set up right he returned to the shop, and again he got the same reply. Eventually he was told by a fiend to bring it to me. On checking the guitar I found the Truss rod was not set correctly, the action was far too high, intonation was way out, A strap button was not tight and the nut on the neck pick up volume pot was not fastened. This is a guitar that cost nearly £2,000. What are they doing with cheaper guitars.


This is why I am starting to offer a FREE instrument HEALTH CHECK. Just call in and bring your instrument and we will have a look FREE OF CHARGE.. What have you got to loose. Better safe than sorry.

Give me a call on

07840 105 479


  1. hi since lending my guitar to a friend i cant play it its out of sorts i think it needs a set up what are you prices on this

    • hi paul,
      a full set up…cost would be £30 + parts and would take about an hour. I would need to see the guitar before giving you an exact price… give me a call on 07840 105 479




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