Well here we go,guitar repairs in Stockport. me, the original gas powered person doing a blog. What is the world coming too. At this point I must say that I think I have the best job in the world. Firstly I get the chance to play with musical instruments all day….For a musician that is pure heaven. Secondly I get paid for it..But the best part is to see the face of the owner of these instruments smile as their pride and joy is performing better than they thought it could ever do. That is the best bit…by far. I know this sounds big headed of me but I can set up a guitar pretty darn good, I have no formal training and I do not go to those set up measurements that the manufacturers recommenced. I believe that every instrument has to be set up for the player that is going to use it. Every player is different and has specific requirements. Even brand new top of the range American instruments are NOT set up to perform to their true potential. Just give me a call and we can arrange for me to give it a FREE check. Yes I do find instruments that need no work and if that is the case I will say so and I quite often do.

I would also like to mention the new Guitar Repair and Set Up Jig….WOW What a great bit of kit. I am so lucky to be able to say I am, at the moment, the ONLY workshop in the Northwest using this little marvel. It makes repairs and set ups more accurate and it means there is less chance of the instrument getting accidental damage. In fret dressing I can support the whole length of the neck so the pressure is even along the neck, BRILLIANT Check out the pics on this site