Musical Instrument Repair Jig

All repairs now carried out on the new Stringed Instrument Repair Jig. Holds instrument safe and secure while work is performed on you instrument keeping everything held rock solid…..Set ups, Fret Dress, Nut fitting and lowering etc. All made so much more accurate. at this moment I am the only Tech in the Northwest to use this BRILLIANT piece of kit. The neck of the instrument is held in two place while fret levelling so even pressure is applied to the back of the neck to keep the fret board level. Clamps, Straps and stops hold the instrument in place so it will not slip and slide around the workbench risking damage…Could not work without it now.. These clever guys have even put a dish to hold screw etc. A flexible light so you can see what you are doing. Fully adjustable neck support even holds a tuner…Nice one. Available from Bill Quin at Tonetech Luthier supplies