Guitar Respray the Riggall Special

This little beast was built for me by a very nice school teacher called Richard Edward Riggall from Offerton High School. (Yes I did take the mickey out of him for his name).

I got to know him very well when I worked at  A1 in Stockport, he was often in for bits for the many guitars he was building and renovating.

He built me this guitar as a wedding present when I married Anne my best friend.

Anyway I have longed to do a few mods on it. especially the colour. It was very plain so I thought I would use it as an experiment, my first full respray. It was a bit road worn through many years of gigging on the cabaret scene, that battered look I wanted to keep.

So I decided not to do too much sanding and levelling, keep the surface as it is. A light sanding is all it required.

The next job was to put some clear lacquer over the whole guitar, masking off the fretboard etc. Then I decided to do a red sunburst round all the edges.

I did not want to use Toxic paint ie. Cellulose because of the smell and the harm to the environment. So after chatting to my very good friend and font of all knowledge on all things Guitar making, Bill at tonetech luthier supplies I decided to use his Waterborne clear gloss lacquer. As for colour I thought as the lacquer was Acrylic water based I would use tubes of Acrylic artists paint in the Lacquer to give me the colour I needed.

I then decided that I wanted a black edge around the red to give the look more depth. I then mixed black Acrylic with the clear lacquer and continued to spray.

Now I need to keep putting layers of clear lacquer on the guitar, a few coats and then let it harden and a light sanding between coats using some small sanding pads (micro mesh sanding pads) (Tonetech). That is my situation with the Riggall Special at the moment.

The spray equipment I used is a very cheap Airbrush Spraycraft SP 10 £14.95 (but cheaper online) and a Clarke Wiz mini air compressor I bought off my cousin Dale for £50. You don’t need a compressor you can use cans of propellant but it can work out expensive and you put lots of nasty chemicals into the air.

I will put the pictures of the Lacquer finish up soon.

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