What a great couple of days, Lots of nice customer but one will stand out for a long time. A really nice man called Kevin came to see me with his old Ovation Ballader. Having not used the guitar for some years it had been stored in his loft. When he got it out it was unplayable. It was buzzing all over and the intonation was way out. On inspecting the guitar I found that the fretboard was lifting over the body to the 11th fret and two braces were coming loose. All this was due to the constant changes it temperature in his loft. In summer a loft is very hot and in winter very cold.

I glues back the braces and the lifting fretboard and then proceeded to set up the guitar again. It all took matbe ten hours of work but what a feeling of joy when I saw Kevin’s face..What a great day

This is the comment he left on my blog

Hi Steve, thank you for rescuing my treasured 1975 Ovation Balladeer! I took it to you unplayable with intonation completely out and buzzing frets and I got it back the day afterwards playing beautifully and tunefully! I am very grateful and impressed, and relieved – I love that guitar!