Well the festivities are over and it’s time to get back to work. Actually I only had about four days off. Anyway the ¬£20 set up offer has been a great success and I am being asked to carry it on. so lets do so.

Where else can you get your guitar set up at such a reasonable price. Give me a call or text on 07840 105 479 as I am not on email or web in the workshop.

Most set ups and repairs are carried out within an hour.

All payments are by CASH only. Not having a card payment system saves you money as I would have to put the cost on my charges.

All parts for repairs are very good quality (not cheap sub standard parts) Supplied in the main by Bill Quinn at Toneteh Luthier Supplies http://www.tonetechluthiersupplies.co.uk/ here at Pear Mill So it means no long waits for parts to be posted to me. Mind you I will probably have a cuppa when collecting them.