Well good day to all musicians and whoever else is having a browse around here. Today was another day of broken and sickly instruments. God I am so lucky, playing with instruments all day and then to top it all seeing the smile on the owners faces as they check out what I have done for them. Then just to make things even better I get paid. What a charmed life I lead.

But on a serious note I must say, If you are buying on line here is my check list.

1. Check the packaging for damage,

2. do not sign for a box that has been damaged as the instrument inside could be damaged.

3. Check that the tape sealing the instrument box has been broken and re sealed. (most on line retailers say that they check and some say set up these instruments before posting to customers) If the tape has not been cut and re sealed it probably means that they have not even checked what is in the box let alone set it up.

A note about the last section. We all drive the prices down so it does leave less of a margin for the retailers ┬áso a check and set up is the first thing to go……

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