Guitar Strings and Parts Stockport

Now stocking acoustic guitars. Westfield B200 £100, Westfield B220 electro acoustic £159, Eastwood LA125 electro £129 and LAG T100 ACE list £444 only £399. come and have a try. You might just like them.
Thanks to FAB Jason, cheers mate.

Just 20 paces off the main car park at Pear Mill, no more parking miles from the shop and struggling to find change for the parking meter. At my workshop I will ( in conjunction with Jason at Fab Music Store) be stocking a range of electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar strings from Ernie Ball, Rotosound to name but a few.

Please note due to the huge cost of getting a card machine I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING CASH”

I will also be selling a small range of guitar parts (from Bill at Tonetech) including Knobs, Pots, Switches etc.

Also in stock are guitar and microphone cables, Guitar Tuners, Capos, patch leads and Straps.

Check out Rotosounds coated strings

Mention a Type 52 pure nickel alloy string to discerning guitarists and they will tell you about the extra lift that the higher magnetism offers. Now shroud it with a special black polycoat material and you have a high energy string smooth to the touch, rich in warm tones with extended life.