Today’s good was a Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar for a set up. These guitars are still bullet proof. Lower the saddle and file out the nut slots made this guitar play well above it’s budget price. A quick fret polish and a nice oil to the fret board (not the lemon based rubbish) completed the job.

Today’s bad was a six string bass that the customer had truss rod issues. He had replaced the truss rod and it still had too much relief in the neck. Looking at the neck it was instantly apparent that the depth of the neck wood from back to front was far too thin. I wouldn’t matter ¬†how good the truss rod was it will not compensate for 6 bass strings pulling the neck forward. It is so common now for musicians to want a slim neck but it dose have its problems on a normal six string guitar let alone six bass strings. Neck will move especially as the weather changes so the more wood the better the stability. I used to have a 1973 Martin 00018 with a non adjustable truss rod. It never lost its pitch, even when I left it strung up in my bedroom in its case for two years. It had a deep neck fro front to back..

The only fix for this bass is to add wood between the fret board and the neck and then lift the saddles to compensate.. Sad but fashion is the cause….