Ukulele Repairs in Stockport, Manchester


Even if a Ukulele repair in Stockport, Manchester is what you are looking for?

Ukuleles are becoming very popular, both wooden Ukes and Banjo Ukes. Not many problems with wooden Ukes. Most complaints are of the strings being too high at the Nut. Soon sorted with set of very expensive (don’t ask) nut files and a lot of patience. We use proper nut files as they are curved on the cutting edge. Needle files are either flat or pointed at the cutting edge. The pointed or “V” file will cut a “V” in the nut and your strings will jam at the bottom of the slot.  With a flat file the strings will rattle and move about. A string has a round profile and the slot is square.

Wooden Ukulele pick-ups have come a long way recently. Not so long ago you could only use a microphone or a vibration “Bug”

Now Mahalo make an undersaddle pick-up with a pre amp for under £20. Not bad eh.

One of the best improvements you can make to a Ukulele (even one of the very cheap ones) is to put a decent set of strings on it. The clear cheap strings do not stay in tune! I tend to use Aquila  strings which are excellent. The black JHS strings are preferred by some players.

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